This course equips the attendants with practical and efficient tools to enable crystal clear and useful communication in all dimensions of their personal as well as profession-related relationships with skill sets like recognizing an individual’s personality type, reading body languages, active listening etc. The training program has been designed keeping the latest market scenarios and best practices in mind, which makes it just the right course to take for learning everything about risk management. This course doesn’t merely focus on the traditional learnings but covers the risks that various professionals from the industry had to tackle years ago, along with those that are being experienced and tackled in today’s time.

Who is This Course For?

The “Advanced Communication Skills” Program has been specifically designed and presented for employees, supervisors, mid-level managers and senior managers who seek to take their communication skills to higher levels by developing unconventional communication methods and tactics.


Course Objectives:

When this course will come to completion, its participants will have the ability to:

  • Discover various personal listening styles
  • Make use of advanced communication skills and tools
  • Learn and utilize the power of body language
  • Make use of NLP meta programs in order to improve their understanding of people
  • Make use of assertiveness skills via practice and utilize them in various scenarios
  • Become master of effective communication by unlocking the secrets of influence


Course Outline:

  • Communication Overview
  • Communication’s Evolution
  • Result-Oriented Communication
  • Defining Efficient Communication
  • The Art of Listening
  • Internal Listening Filters
  • Understanding Various Communication Elements
  • The Element of Noise
  • Mehrabian’s 55-38-7 Rule
  • Overpowering Communication Nervousness
  • Effective Listening and Rephrasing Methods
  • Comprehending Various Listening Styles
  • Refining the Information Recall Rate
  • Evaluating Personal Listening Profiles
  • Developing Rapport by utilizing Body Language
  • Innovative Assertiveness Skills
  • Understanding Assertiveness
  • Components of Non-Verbal Communication
  • The Power of Appearances
  • Elicit Thinking Patterns using Eye Movement
  • Sensory Input Channels
  • Internal Filter Systems
  • Six Listening Meta Programs
  • Dodging the Loss of Information
  • Mastering Body Language
  • The Art of Body Language
  • The Power of Self-Talk
  • Assertiveness Rights and Responsibilities
  • Managing Criticism Assertively
  • The Power of Persuasion
  • Features of Influence
  • Six Rules of Persuasion
  • Sources of Power
  • Dealing with Difficult Individuals


Course Curriculum

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  • 10 Days