“Information and Documentation” is a highly useful course for those professionals who need to learn enterprise content management, information-related regulations, document and records management, information and documentation compliance, standards and best practice and its effective execution.

The delegates will be equipped with all the tools and techniques they need to become a better manager in this work area and to be able to bring the best out of their team using the skills and knowledge provided in this program. The managers will also be able to ensure improved overall results in the organization for a successful tomorrow.

This training program has been planned out keeping in mind both the traditional and up to the minute trends and requirements of the given field. This makes the course an ideal learning opportunity for all of its participants. Please make a note that a custom proposal can also be acquired, if you have different training requirements for your team.


Who is this Program for?

  • Document controllers
  • Technical staff
  • Professionals seeking to enhance their skills in compliance
  • Records managers
  • IT Management
  • Executives
  • Document and Records Management personnel
  • Document Management Supervisors
  • Suppliers, Solution Providers, and Vendors
  • Users of Document and Records Management


Course Objectives:

As this program will end, you will be able to do the following:

  • To understand info and documentation compliance, standards, regulations, and best practices
  • To make info and documentation policies, procedures, standards including information security standards
  • Use metadata, business classification scheme, taxonomy and setting retention plan
  • Learn how to implement legislation, standards, and regulation
  • Generate an information and documentation action plan to implement in their organization and study from best practice
  • executions and case studies
  • Setting up access controls and security procedures
  • Review industry-leading solutions and vendors in this marketplace
  • Create advanced policies and procedures
  • Develop storage models, audit trail and storage technologies
  • Study advanced notions for managing info and documentation, compliance, workflow, file plan, archiving, auditing, and version control


Course Outline:

Strategy and understanding key elements

  • Present information and documentation management
  • Creating information and documentation audit
  • Review standards, ISO9001, ISO27001 and ISO15489
  • Create file plans, retention schedule, metadata plan, and other info controls

Set-up components and concepts

  • Compliance, controls, and security
  • Legislation, standards, and regulation
  • Business classification scheme and taxonomy
  • Document control
  • Understanding security and compliance

IT Process and delivery

  • Review IT information and documentation management systems
  • Archiving and retention requirements
  • Digital signatures and digital rights management
  • Review scanning, storage and archiving systems that meet compliance
  • Scanning and legal issues

Implementation Planning

  • Implementation planning
  • Setting up an action strategy for info and documentation compliance
  • Creating policies and procedures
  • Creating an action plan

Case Studies

  • Introduction to case studies
  • Group 1 – Strategy
  • Group 2 – Concepts
  • Group 3 – Process
  • Presentations
  • Evaluation and discussion

Course Curriculum

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  • 10 Days