This coursework is designed to equip participants with skills revolving around self-understanding, assessment and effectiveness of others, team building and management, improved leadership, self and team motivation, conflict resolution and a few more core elements required to become a better project handler.

The participants are given the skill set to develop practical understanding of how to evaluate and maintain efficient team performance. The participants will be able to do so throughout their project’s lifecycles. Also, they’ll be able to identify and resolve critical resource problems.  The program’s outline has been developed keeping in mind up to the minute marketplace requirements, which allows it to play part as an effective training plan. Customized proposals are also developed for those who have unusual team requirements.


Who is it for?

The course “leading a project team” is for managers as well as directors who are a part of a project, which requires a diverse set of skills in the project management sphere.


Course Objectives

As “leading a project team” course will come to an end, the participants will be equipped to:

  • Make strategies that will allow the companies/organizations to develop top-performing teams
  • Sketch out requirements that let teams perform at optimum levels
  • Form trust between the team
  • Involve others in the visioning, communications and decision making of the team
  • Come up with effective team-work exercises that help team with better group effort without a lot of leader involvement
  • Handle tough situations that could damage team morale or effect the projects
  • Make use of innovative learning methods to facilitate the team and improve their overall development
  • Handle various challenging situations that can bring down team effectiveness
  • Make use of innovating learning tricks that help team’s development
  • Create and manage effectual team-development environs irrespective of the proximity of each team member


Course Outline

Forming Up of a New Project Team

  • Identification of management and leadership requirements of a new project team
  • Vision and goal setting
  • Project’s human resource planning
  • Productive commencement meetings
  • Project standards settings and process improvements

Building a competitive project team

  • Team building stages
  • Communication and trust development
  • Decision making for the entire team
  • Team member’s competence building

Team Leadership

  • Developing trustworthiness as a project lead
  • Applying leadership methods required for each team person’s development

Effective Management of Remote Teams

  • Difficulties involved in the process of remote team management
  • Core factors of success
  • Remote team leading and management techniques

Course Curriculum

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  • 10 Days