This is a holistic course that looks upon all aspects of warehouse, stores and stock control management. Delegates will be equipped with all the tools and techniques they need to become a better manager in this work area and to be able to bring the best out of their team using the skills and knowledge provided in this program. The managers will also be able to ensure improved overall results in the organization for a successful tomorrow.

This program has been planned out keeping in mind both the traditional and up to the minute trends and requirements of the given field. This makes the course an ideal learning opportunity for all of its participants. Please make a note that a custom proposal can also be acquired, if you have different training requirements for your team.


Is This Course for You?

This course is right for you if you are involved in any or all functions of materials and supply chain management such as inventory, purchasing, transportation and warehousing).


Course Objectives:

This course will equip you to:

  • Define the objectives and functions of materials and supply chain management (stock control, purchasing, stores and physical distribution) and how they relate to each other
  • Estimate future demand for dissimilar stock items
  • Elucidate the basic buying process and demonstrate how to apply the Incoterms
  • Jot down the numerous transference functions and prices
  • Categorize stock items based on the ABC classification model
  • Set Re-Order Points (ROP), EOQ and safety stocks for different stock items
  • Make use of the best practices in warehouses to uphold precise inventory records


Course Outline:

  • Materials Management Definitions
  • Objectives of Materials Management Functions
  • Organization, Policies and Procedures
  • Problems in Materials Management
  • Inventory Costs
  • Application of the ABC Classification
  • Forecasting and Planning in Materials Management
  • Forecasting Objectives
  • The Importance of Customer Service in Materials and Supply Chain
  • Inventory Planning and Stock Control
  • The ABC Classification
  • How to Deal with Conflicting Objectives
  • Different Forecasting Models
  • Responsibilities of Traffic
  • Transport Expenses
  • Cost-Reduction Opportunities
  • Routing and Cubing
  • The Economic Order Quantity
  • Setting the Re-Order Levels
  • Basic Purchasing Process
  • Negotiating with Suppliers
  • Evaluation of Forecasts
  • Materials Planning and Control
  • The Maximum/Minimum System
  • The Importance of Controlling Lead Time
  • Setting of Safety Stocks
  • How to Deal with Constrained Quantity Discount Schemes
  • The Purchasing Function
  • Factors to Consider when Selecting Suppliers
  • Definition and Application of Incoterms
  • Suppliers Evaluation
  • Warehousing
  • Receiving, Storage and Issuing
  • Inventory Record Accuracy Requirements
  • Calculating Record Accuracy
  • Periodic Cycle Counting
  • How to Improve Record Accuracy
  • The Transport Function
  • Methods of Transport


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  • 10 Days