QHSE Policy

QHSE Policy

This is Fine Falcon Consultant’s QHSE Policy that covers Quality, Health, Safety and Environment related areas. The policy will discuss all the principles we have set in compliance of the government of the state/country for the best interest of the people and the environment.

Our Ideologies:

  • We carry out our operations while keeping the care for environment in mind. We make sure that no compromise is done to the health of anyone, be it employees, communities, customers or anyone else.
  • Our aim is to provide consultation services of the highest quality to people so that their businesses get the best of what they deserve.
  • Providing an open and transparent environment is always at our list of top priorities and this is why we have put down a thorough QHSE policy.
  • It is totally recognizable that the involvement and skillsets of our team members are of highest essence when it comes to providing for the needs of our firm and its customers.
  • Our company provides all the required resources in order to achieve our vision.

Our Promise:

Fine Falcon will make sure of the following so that these principles can be followed:

  • Make sure that all the team members are clearly aware of this QHSE policy during the induction program done for the employees.
  • Get in touch with the team members on a regular basis and discuss health and safety conditions in order to make sure the best supervision is done and no one’s health is compromised in any situation whatsoever.
  • Develop a culture where our team can not only meet customers’ expectations but out do them by regularly engaging in improvement processes, which will empower each employee.
  • Keep the environment safe in all the communities we live and work.
  • Discover and address QHSE issues and their impacts on our processes, services and practices in order to align our business with the expectations of customers.
  • Have dynamics where each team member will be accountable for their commitments to our principles.

Fine Falcon is very precise about its QHSE Policy. While making the QHSE Policy, team Fine Falcon discussed with the experts in the industry about what the ideologies, promises and overall policy should include and what it should not include. This was to make sure that a policy is developed that is not just a few pointers on the paper but there is a solid grounding upon which each of the point was made. If you want to discuss any of the QHSE Policy pointer with us, or even the whole document, you are more than welcome to write us an email at info@finefalcon.com. You can also drop a text message or make a quick call at the given number(s) in the contact section of our website.